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Travel Guide for Aurangabad

Aurangabad is a historic city located in Maharashtra. This city is an important tourist destination, thanks to the iconic Ajanta and Ellora caves. These are not the only heritage sites in this city. You can find numerous attractions, monuments, temples and other sightseeing spots in this city. This is the tourism capital of Maharashtra and it is also called as the City of Gates.

Experiencing Deccan Odyssey styled Aurangabad Vacation

Thanks to Ajanta and Ellora caves, the city is an important tourist attraction in many itineraries of Deccan Odyssey. Top itineraries to choose to visit Aurangabad are Maharashtra Splendor, Indian Odyssey, Jewels of Deccan and Maharashtra Wild Trail. These itineraries focus on the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora for exploration with the help of an experienced guide. A few itineraries like Maharashtra Wild Trail also include sightseeing in the city of Aurangabad.

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How to Reach Aurangabad ?

  • By Air:

    Since it is the tourism capital of the state, the government has made many efforts to keep this city, very accessible for all kinds of travelers. The city has a domestic airport that connects the city with all the important cities around the country like Trivandrum, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Tirupati and others. The nearest international airport is located in Mumbai and you can easily find flights from Mumbai to Aurangabad, every day. From the airport, you can find cabs, autos and buses to reach required destination in the city.

  • By Train:

    The city also has a major railway station within the city limits. This railway station connects the city with numerous destinations around the country. If not, people reach Mumbai via train and then choose any transportation mode to reach Aurangabad. This includes the luxury trains that cover Aurangabad in the itineraries like Deccan Odyssey and others. From the railway station, you can find autos, buses and cabs to reach required destination

  • By Road:

    The city has good network of roads, which allows buses from numerous destinations around the country to reach Aurangabad. There are frequent buses to Aurangabad from numerous destinations. The bus stand is located within the city. From the bus stand, you can find local buses, autos or cabs to scale the city. You can also find cabs from surrounding regions and important cities to Aurangabad during tourism season.

What to see and do in Aurangabad ?

Top attractions to enjoy in Aurangabad are

  • Ajanta and Ellora group of caves
  • Bibi ka Maqbara
  • Daulatabad Fort
  • Salim Ali Lake and Bird sanctuary
  • Bhadkal Gate
  • Panchakki Watermill
  • Aurangabad Caves
  • Grishneshwar Temple
  • Aurangabad Tomb
  • Kancher Temple
  • Prozone Mall
  • Siddharth Garden and Zoo
  • Gaonkarbaba House

Apart from sightseeing, top activities to enjoy during your visit are

  • Enjoy the cuisine of the land. Aurangabadi cuisine is similar in richness to Mughal or Hyderbadi cuisine.
  • Enjoy cave exploration, bird watching and other outdoor activities
  • Enjoy shopping for unique souvenirs like Himroo fabric, weaved handicrafts, silverware, bidriware, local paper, shawls and much more.
  • Visit any weaving center to watch weavers in action
  • The city is called as the City of Gates. There are 52 ornate beautiful gates around the city for architectural sightseeing.
  • Best time to visit Aurangabad

    The city has semi-arid climate and is usually warm like most of the tropical regions. The summer starts in March and ends in June. April and May are the worst months to visit due to the peak summer season. You can rarely enjoy cool breeze but the place is generally hot and humid during summer season.

    The rainfall starts in June and ends in September. You can experience Thunderstorms rarely in winter but most of the rainfall takes place in monsoon season. There is a considerable decrease in climate during rainy season.

    Winter starts in October and ends in February. The place is cool, green and pleasing during winter season. This is the peak tourism season in Aurangabad.

    Festivals and traditions of Aurangabad

    The city is closely linked with Islamic culture. This is the reason to why you can find Islamic festivals at bliss. Apart from the common festivals, you can enjoy unique celebrations in Aurangabad during

    • Aurangabad Festival
    • Ellora Festival
    • Paithan Festival
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