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Deccan Odyssey

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Deccan Odyssey - Train Facilities

Deccan Odyssey is not just famous for its impeccable decor and design. The train has interesting facilities and amenities that bring luxury element to your tour. This royal train has an ancient decor and the latest list of equipment and amenities like high-tech conference hall, health spa and others. Deccan Odyssey aims that providing a signature style pampering throughout the journey. We have summarized the exclusive facilities that are provided by Deccan Odyssey for all its tourists.


Deccan Odyssey provides two main styles of cabins. There are twelve coaches, which are decorated with stylish furniture, personal safe, telephone, remote-controlled air-conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi and others. Every guest is entitled to 24/7 customer service and a personal butler is arranged for each coach.


There are two restaurants in the train, which provides multi-cuisine and a changing menu that adds delicacies and specialities of the destination in which the train is halted. The restaurant provides traditional Maharashtrian cuisine, general Indian cuisine, continental cuisine, oriental cuisine and others. Travelers can choose the dishes of their choice. Chefs provides speciality dishes from time to time with exotic ingredients that get freshly loaded into the train at specific stations.

Bar and lounge room

The bar inside the train is strictly for tourists who are above 21 years of age. The bar serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in an elegant manner. The bartender is dressed in the official attire of the royal service provider. You can relax in the lounge room with the drink of your choice. In the lounge room, you can find many armchairs to relax as you watch the sceneries through the panoramic window. The lounge room also provides board games, books and other entertainment elements to pass time when the train runs from one station to another. You can find ancient Indian games like carom, chess, playing cards and much more.

High-tech conference car

This train serves corporate clients who wish to continue their work even during the vacation. This car has all essential audio-visual equipment and network systems that will enable you to conduct a successful business meeting or work in peace. If you are planning to take your corporate team for a victory treat, you can use this conference room to continue your business when the train is on its track towards any destination.

Signature Spa

This is not just a massage center. The spa is run by specialists and trained masseurs. You can find many ancient styles of treatment, Ayurvedic treatments, signature massages and much more. If you want to rejuvenate and relax between excursions, this is the right place.

Other top-notch amenities and facilities inside the train are

  • Wheelchair assistance, attendants and creches for physically disabled passengers

  • Laptops with Wi-Fi facilities are available on-board

  • Wedding facilities are available and you can conduct a wedding in Deccan Odyssey. Mention in prior during the booking if you choose to book the Deccan Odyssey train for wedding. Morning tea is served in your cabin along with daily newspaper and magazines Smoking is not allowed in any part of the train. If you have an urge to smoke, get in touch with the captain. Upon arrival, an arrival kit will be presented to each guest, which includes stationery items, brochures and others. Welcome drink is also served upon arrival. Upon request, a doctor can be arranged in the next destination. Medical assistance and a para-medic will be available on-board Attached bathroom inside the cabin is equipped with necessary equipment and toiletries. The train has a small souvenir shop that sells artifacts, ethnic products, handicraft items and Deccan Odyssey merchandise.

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