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Travel Guide for Udaipur

The Land of Kings Rajasthan is blessed with a number of beautiful cities. All the cities have their own beauty, uniqueness and charm. Udaipur is one of them. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan and also a popular tourist destination in India.

It is also known as the ‘Venice on Earth’. The city is full of lakes and beautiful sights that’s why it attract so many tourists every year. Udaipur is surrounded by 4 lakes. Its natural beauty, wonderful architecture, devoted temples is something that can’t be forgotten for lifelong.

It is must to visit Udaipur when you are in Rajasthan. All the luxurious travel trains of India do schedule Udaipur in their itineraries. It has also given the name, ‘Jewel of Mewar’. And the place makes justice to all the names given to it.

Experiencing Deccan Odyssey styled Udaipur Vacation

One of the luxurious tourist train of India Deccan Odyssey train gives you an opportunity to explore Udaipur. Indian Odyssey & Indian Soujourn are the two famous journeys of Deccan Odyssey which covered the destination of Udaipur.

In its journey of 7 nights and 8 days it arrives in Udaipur on the 5th day of the journey.

The morning meal is served onboard. The tour starts with the site of City Palace. After visiting the City Palace, The Pichola Lake is the next site that you’ll see and the journey continues. And later not forget to spend a beautiful evening in the streets of Udaipur.

Spend some best days of your life in Udaipur with peace, beauty and charm of this place. This place will never leave you dissatisfied. It reflects the true beauty of Rajasthan.

So make memories while you spend a holiday with your people in this magical place.

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How to Reach Udaipur ?

  • By Air:

    Udaipur can be reached from all the major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and so on. The city has two airports. One is the Maharana Pratap International Airport and the other is Udaipur Airport which is at a distance of 22 km from the city. You can hire a taxi or auto to the city according to your comfort

  • By Train:

    The city has an extremely good connection with railways. Udaipur Railway Station is located at a distance of 3 km from the city and around 20 km distant from the airport. Regular trains are headed to Udaipur from all the known cities across India. The place can also be reached with Deccan Odyssey train.

  • By Road:

    This city has a wonderful connection of road to all the cities of Rajasthan and across India. This place can be easily reached by buses. The bus stand of Udaipur has regular buses coming from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kota, and Jaipur and so on. Travelling by buses is also economical and sometimes it is faster from the train. Rajasthan Roadways provide the great facility of transportation with comfort of Ac coaches.

What to see and do in Udaipur ?

If you are looking for sightseeing spots in Udaipur, you ought to visit

Top attractions to see in Udaipur are

  • Lake Pichola

    During the ruling period of Maharana Lakha, the Pichola Lake was built by Pichhu Banjara in 1362 AD. It is an artificial lake located in the center of Udaipur. Because of its magnificent beauty this lake is the most popular tourist destination in Udaipur.

    For the nature and peace lovers this lake is a dream come true. In the dawn, a boat ride in this lake is like being in a heaven. In evenings, this place turns into a golden beauty when the reflection of sun falls into the lake water and turns it into golden. It completely looks like a different world of stillness in evenings, not less than a dream.

  • City Palace

    The City Palace was built by Maharana Uday Singh in 1559 on the banks of Lake Pichola and is an example of wonderful architecture. It is considered as the largest royal complex in Rajasthan. This place was the main seat of power during the king’s era and served as the residence of many kings.

    City palace defines the royalty of Rajasthan. Various changes was made in the palace by its successors and now it has number of royal rooms, hanging gardens, terraces, corridors and Mahals. The museum inside the palace has the best elements of Rajput arts and culture.

  • Fateh Sagar Lake

    It is another famous tourist spot in Udaipur. It is the second largest artificial lake in the city surrounded with the Aravalli hills that adds value to its scenic beauty. You can enjoy a boat ride in this beautiful lake and also there are a number of water sports are available to entertain the tourists. This lake is so big that it is divided into three distinct islands having their own attractions and charm for tourists.

  • Sajjangarh Palace

    This palace is also known as Monsoon Palace because it served as summer house for Mewar Kings and also as a Monsoon Palace to see the development of monsoon clouds. It is located at a mountain which is as high as about 944 m above the sea level.

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