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Travel Guide for Agra

Agra is the destination for romantic couples. Every year, millions people visit Agra to enjoy the heritage sites, Mughal gardens and the iconic Taj Mahal. Apart from these sightseeing spots, Agra is famous for its rich cuisine, shopping experience and pilgrimage sites.

In the 16th century, Agra was the capital of Mughal Empire for the next few centuries; the city went from one reign to another reign, under the control of numerous kings, who built interesting monuments and structures in the city. Today, Agra is an important tourist destination and is a part of the Golden Triangle Route too. If you are looking to enjoy Agra in a luxurious way, you can choose to ride the luxury trains of India like Deccan Odyssey.

Experiencing Deccan Odyssey styled Agra vacation

Agra is a part of numerous itineraries in Deccan Odyssey. The train’s itinerary covers all important heritage sites and sightseeing sites of Agra. Apart from those, the travelers will be taken to a special venue to enjoy a romantic and lavishing meal. As a part of the road tour, Fatehpur Sikhri is also included. It is an ancient ruin of a city, which is located a little away from Agra.

At the end of the Agra trip, shopping tours are arranged for market walking tour, local sightseeing and souvenir shopping. For those who do not want to spend time in shopping, optional excursion or activities will be arranged.

How to reach Agra ?

  • By Air:

    Agra is just 200 km from Delhi. Delhi holds a busy international airport that connects India with numerous international destination. From Delhi, you can find numerous types of transportation to reach Agra. Agra has a domestic airport that has limited in-flow of flights. From the airport, you can find cabs, autos and buses to reach other parts of the city.

  • By Train:

    Agra has many railway stations that connect the city with numerous states of the country. If you are visiting during winter season, the thick fog increases the train travel time. From the railway station, you can find rickshaws, cabs and auto.

  • By Road:

    Agra has road links with numerous cities via NH2, NH 11and others. You can find buses and taxis from various parts of the country to Agra, every day.

What to see and do in Agra ?

Taj Mahal is the main attraction of the city. It is one of World Wonder and more than 40,000 people visit the monument, every day. The museum and garden inside the monument is also striking attractions. Some visit the monument on Full Moon night to enjoy a romantic night. The monument is open on three nights; full moon night, the night before and after it.

Other sightseeing spots in Agra are :

  • Agra Fort
  • Itmad Ud Daulah’s tomb
  • Mariam’s tomb
  • Jama Masjid
  • Gurudwara Guru ka Taal
  • Chini ka Roza

Temples :

  • Kailash temple
  • Prithvinath Temple
  • Balkeshwar Temple
  • Shyam Ji Maharaj Temple

Mughal or Persian style Garden :

  • Ram Bagh
  • Soami Bagh
  • Mehtab Bagh

Top activities to enjoy in Agra are :

  • Shopping for marble articles, silver articles, carpets, rugs and others
  • Authentic cuisine of Agra
  • Hot air ballooning and other adventure activities
  • Cultural activities like folk dance, music performances and others
  • Light and sound show at Agra Fort

Best time to visit Agra

Agra is at prime beauty throughout the year. The geographical location of the region makes the place very hot and humid during summer. Hot winds can be experienced during this season. Summer starts in April and ends in July. This heat can make sightseeing more exhausting.

The monsoon starts in August and ends in October. The roads become slushy and sightseeing might be hindered.

The best time to visit Agra is the winter season. The winter starts in October and ends in March. The climate will be pleasing for easy travelling from one sightseeing spot to another. Enjoying outdoor activities like shopping, hot air ballooning and others are easier during winter season.

Festivals and traditions of Agra

Agra has a culture rich with Islamic and Hinduism traditions. Thus, all Islamic and Hindu festivals and celebrations are enjoyed in Agra. Apart from those, national festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day and others are also held here. If you are looking to enjoy the culture of the land, you ought to visit during the local festivals.

  • Taj Mahotsav – ten-day festival in February
  • Bateshwar Fair – October or November
  • Ram Barat – Right before Dussehra
  • Kailash Fair – August or September
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