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Travel Guide for Kutch

Kutch is the largest district in Gujarat, India covering an area of about 7505 sq. km. The district got its name from ‘Katchua’ as the area is surrounded by sea. This place is among the best tourist destination in Gujarat. It has a number of ancient temples, forts, wild areas, and many beautiful places.

This place is a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna which makes it an attractive destination for wildlife lovers. Most of the area of this land is covered by Rann of Kutch which makes it look like a land covered with snow.

In Kutch the locals celebrate a three month long festival known as the Rann Festival that happens to be the reason that a thousand of people visit this land called White Desert every year.

Experiencing Deccan Odyssey styled Kutch Vacation

Deccan Odyssey - the luxury train of India includes visit to Gujarat in its itinerary. You can visit Kutch with Deccan Odyssey and explore this place with more fun.

Hidden Treasures of Gujarat is the journey of 7 nights and 8 days the luxury train arrives in Gujarat on day 5. This train will take you to the Rann of Kutch that is one of the greatest tourist attractions in world with alluring beaches. This land is a home to various tribes. Enjoy this beautiful destination with Deccan Odyssey.

Kutch being one of the biggest places of Gujarat is full of fun activities that you can pursue during your visits. From the white desert to the historic sites of the city, there is so much that a traveler can do there. So get on the luxury Deccan Odyssey and start your adventurous journey.

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How to Reach Kutch ?

Kutch is the largest District in Gujarat and it has a good connection of air and road with all the major cities especially with Mumbai.

  • By Air:

    The closest airport to the Kutch is the Bhuj airport. This airport is located at a distance of 70 km from the city. Jet Airways and Air India Regional are two flights that connects Kutch with Mumbai. The next closest airport to Kutch is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. This airport is in Ahmedabad and is connected well with all the major cities of India and with some international locations as well.

  • By Train:

    The Bhuj Railway Station is the perfect way to reach Kutch by Train. This railway station is well connected with other parts of Gujarat and outside of Gujarat. Some cities that are connected to Bhuj Railway Station by train are New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Pune and Ahmedabad.

  • By Road:

    Kutch can be reached by buses too. There are plenty of private and government buses runs to and from the city. You can choose between AC and Non AC, sleepers and deluxe buses according to comfort. A number of towns in Kutch are well connected by bus. Ghanshyam Travels, Patels tours and travels, Royal Express and so on are some bus networks that connect Kutch with all around in India.

What to see and do in Kutch ?

Kutch is all about sightseeing. Top attractions to visit are

  • Bhuj

    This place is best for the travelers who love to visit historical sites. Bhuj is the oldest town in the area. There are number of ancient buildings which were constructed back in the 18th century. These buildings have beautiful parks, lakes, old temples and plenty of other things. The visit to Kutch is incomplete without seeing Bhuj.

  • Aina Mahal

    This building was also constructed in 18th century. The architecture of the building has inspired from Italian Gothic-Style. It has now become the prime tourist spot in Kutch. This building is all decorated with beautiful mirrors, chandeliers, and valuable stones. There is an old Hindu temple also inside the courtyard of building that makes it both a religious and historical spot.

  • White Desert - Rann of Kutch

    The Rann of Kutch is one of the largest sand deserts in the world and is the key attraction of Kutch. It is located in Thar Desert. This place appears like an endless land of snow as far as one can see. It is the most beautiful spot in the whole Gujarat. A safari on this land can’t be skipped. To make justice to your Gujarat tour package do visit the Rann of Kutch and enjoy the most beautiful experience one can ever have.

  • Dholvaria

    This place is an Archeological spot and is a remembrance of 5000 old Harappan Civilization. Set beside the Saraswati River this place enlighten the fact that where we humans are evolved from. The other attraction here is the wood fossil park. All the Kutch Tourists packages do contain Dholvaria as a must place to visit

  • Lakhpat Fort, Roha Fort, Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum, Vijay Villas Mahal are some other tourist destinations in Kutch. Not these only, there are a lot of places to visit in Kutch. It has the best tourist destinations in India.

Best time to visit Kutch

October to February is the best months of the year to visit Kutch. The temperature in these months remains cool. You can enjoy sightseeing and other activities here in these months.

Avoid the months from March to May. These are the hottest months of the year here. If you are visiting Kutch in summers then do carry essentials

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