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Top 5 Luxury Train Excursions in Asia

If you want to experience exceptional holiday across Asia, there’s no another way than aboard a luxurious train. Yeah, you heard right, the moments and memories that luxury train can provide, won’t offer any option, here, together with the whole journey, you won’t stop off at captivating cities and discover splendid landscapes or grand palaces/centuries-ancient places of worship or local culture, while back on-board lavish cabins,  delicious cuisines, lovely lounges and countless services awaits for you.

So without ado, here below, we tried to organize the top 5 luxury train excursion which you must hop onto while in Asia.

1. Eastern & Oriental Express


An intelligent man truly said that an expedition of a thousand miles starts with a single step. And“Eastern & Oriental Express” done this, showcasing across the length and breadth of three most dynamic cities, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore across Southeast Asia not stop you at splendid sightseeing but dig into the pages of history at “Kanchanaburi” through boat trip to tour of the ideal “River Kwai Bridge” or explore the rural Malaysia through lush rice paddies tour or trekking to a local cliff/hill for scenic views is simply mesmerizing.

Not only this,  its cream, green exterior, wood-panelled corridors, silken furnishings, lavish Cabin, exotic cuisine, Bar Car and Observation Car where you chill out pleasantly to enjoy panoramic views of the passing greenery and bustling cities really worth your every penny.

2. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia


“Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express” which travels across the most enchanting places like  Russia, Mongolia, China, Central Asia, India, Iran, Central and Eastern Europe offer it guests not only the impressive and innumerable view of grassland but the waterside of the biggest freshwater lake of the world is enticing.

Despite this, the things that allure tourists are the wilderness of China to the tour of the amazing “Roof of the World”, “Tibet” (which is home to UNESCO collection of incredible palaces and temples and more Himalayan Peaks). Last but not least the true treat of this train is that it will pass through “Tangula Pass”, the world’s highest mountain pass at 16,640 ft.

If you think that’s it, so wrong, to meet the specific preferences of the guests, here the accommodations are categorized in to four: Imperial Suites, Imperial Suites Stats, Gold Class, and Silver Class which are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and more other features Guided off-Train Excursions, Personal Headsets, Piano and Pianist, On Board Doctor and Medical Facilities, 24 Hour Service Attendant, Porterage, Dinning Car andOrnate Bar Car guaranteeing a trouble-free and unforgettable journey.

3. Maharaja Express


“Maharaja Express”, a regal journey in to the distinct land of North, West and Central India connect it guests not to historically and cultural important cities of India but an exciting fusion of world heritage, wildlife, art and culture sightseeing’s together with some varied insider experiences like sun downer cocktails in mid of sand dunes, breakfast and lunches in palaces and forts grounds, elephant painting/amusement activity and some heady shopping experiences makes journey memorable.

Well….not only this…. here on Maharaja Express, get ready to live like a king, as its 14 guest carriages which are categorised in to deluxe cabins, junior suites,  suites and a presidential suite  suitably are integrated by all the state of the art technology and modern amenities such as individual climate control, Wi-Fi internet, electronic safe, satellite TV, direct dial phones and en-suite bathrooms etc. and other luxury services including Personal Attendant, Butler,  Rajah Lounge, Treasure Chest and Two Restaurant -cum- Kitchen Cars named Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal which serve an array of gourmet delicacies is really enticing and offer comfort and absolute luxury on board.

4. Deccan Odyssey


Deccan Odyssey frequently known as the Blue Train of India,  not take it guests to the main cities of states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and others regions but here on board tourists will enjoy a bit more than a Maharaja of the empire of Deccan, as its 12 coaches which is really motivated by the glory of many empires of Maharashtra are appropriately mingled with all the state of the art technology and modern facilities such as Wi-Fi internet, personal safe, satellite TV, direct dial phones, newspaper/magazines and attached bathrooms etc.

And other luxury services like an Attendant or Khidmatgar, Rejuvenating Health Spa, High-tech Conference Car, Sitting Lounge, Bar and Restaurant -cum- Kitchen Cars named Peshwa-I and Peshwa-II (which offer an array of delicious dishes)  is really fascinating and make the guest comfortable and relax.

If you think that’s it, so wrong, its tour to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites “Ajanta & Ellora Caves” to Safari tour at “Tadoba Tiger Reserve”/ “Ranthambore National Park” and lots of things won’t give break from the irritating routine but it’s outstanding combination of sight and never-ending world of astonishing views that display through its huge windows takes your heart out.


5. Seven Stars in Kyushu


“Seven Stars in Kyushu”, a Japan’s most luxurious train, presenting seven carriages that hold just 30 people in 14 suites take it guests not to the wonderful island of “Kyushu”,  but  it is one of the perfect example of Japanese and Western engineers. The train which is a combination of both Japanese and Western impacts is decorated with exquisite wood and fabric like walls made of rosewood and maple, walnut floors, shoji paper screens, sliding glass doors carved with flowers and birds to lounge car that contains a bar, rotating chairs, live performers and full- fledged kitchen, which offers an array of seasonal delicacies and so more are something that you’ll cherished forever.

Not only this, truly the train itself is a moving theatre and amazing spot to get view some of the most iconic landscapes and gorgeous sceneries of Kyushu.

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