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India’s Very Own Blue Train – The Deccan Odyssey

India is a fast developing country in various sectors. One of the most prominent vicinity is the existing travel and tourism industry.  Luxury travel is  extension of the travel and tourism sector that is at the top of the priority list. The boom in middle class economy is one of the citations that is giving rise to the ever growing Luxury Tourism Industry. The most significant motivation is not just for tourism within the country but is going global too.


The market in the territory of Luxury Travel is showing a steady positive annual growth. The hype around cruising around, extravagant wedding ceremonies at resort destinations, luxury on wheels tourism, etc is expanding at a super fast pace. The booming infrastructure complements the existing experiential tourism with improvised trade and travel policies are also reasons behind the fast developing luxury tourism sector.

As we think all motivating factors adding to the growing industry are enumerated, we missed out today’s most happening media available to common man – social media. Social media has catching up with every industry and trade that has gone digital. With the booming smart phones/ mobile markets and super fast wireless Internet the social media is another addition to the growing luxury tourism in India.

Like one of the senior tour operators once said – “India is a happening market for luxury tourism presently given the fact that newer opportunities are cropping up, both for domestic and international tourists. Social media is also at play for the sudden emergence of luxury tourism in India. Everyone wants to go to an extravagant destination and click good pictures.”

One of the most famous luxury trains in India – the Deccan Odyssey has kicked off with a recent revelation – “As of now, we have got a positive response to the early bird offer. It will be a seven nights journey at the cost of five nights. The offer is applicable on bookings of Deccan Odyssey made before July, 31 for journeys starting October, 2017.

The cost will be INR 4, 37,500 per couple per journey instead of INR 6, 12,500 per couple per journey in a Deluxe cabin,” said a spokesperson of ‘Asia’s Leading Luxury Trains – Deccan Odyssey’.

The year 2017 marks the seventh time that India’s very own ‘Blue Train’ clinched the prestigious  title-  “Asia’s Leading Luxury Train.” The Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train is said to welcome an audience of up to 88 patrons waiting at well chosen spots.  With itineraries ranging from  Hidden Treasures of GujaratMaharashtra SplendourJewels of the Deccan and Maharashtra Wild Trail going with Indian Odyssey: Delhi to Mumbai and Indian Sojourn: Mumbai to Delhi.

Tourists are treated to a variety of hand picked destinations including the Rann of Kutchtimeless Ajanta and Ellora CavesSasan Gir and the ancient ruins of Hampi. Luxury travel is now gaining popularity for the romantic honeymooners seeking pleasure trips on Premium Luxury Travel. There are several domestic and international tourism chasing after the Premium Luxury Train extravagance.

Starting from the Deluxe Cabins to the Gourmet Restaurants the experience on board Deccan Odyssey has every moment to cherish. The grand and musical welcome with flowers, smiling faces, and professional staff. what’s More, There are also discount packages that you cannot let go like Deccan’s Early Bird Offer. Another honeymoon couple were excited that they grabbed the  discount package to spend an amazing honeymoon on-board the Luxurious Deccan Odyssey. You can also check out the Photo Gallery  of Deccan Odyssey.

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