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Deccan Odyssey

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Deccan Odyssey: The Luxury Train in India to Travel

India is known to have the world’s lengthiest and complex rail network. People from all corners of the world throng the nation as there are amazing tourist sites and various cultures to see. Luxury travel is soon picking up among today’s domestic travelers too. It is one of the finest ways to travel and unwind in a lavish style. The Deccan Odyssey train provides travelers a grand experience on its princely sojourns through the most alluring sightseeing hotspots in India.

Vibrant interiors complement the lavish style inside as you board one of the finest luxury trains in India – for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The warmth of traditional hospitality gives guests a secure feel that their every possible need is met during their stay onboard the best luxury train in India to travel.



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Deccan Odyssey Train Info:

Royal Journeys of the Deccan Odyssey

The train takes you through the culture rich Maratha Kingdoms to view ancient marvels that reveal brilliant architecture. View the colorful & lively beach life all along the western coastline of India. Go shopping for rare artifacts that would preserve your memories while relishing on cuisine you may have never tasted before. There are several other cultural festivals & folk dances to take a peek at during the premium pleasure tours of Luxury Travel in India’s Deccan Odyssey.

Each well preserved fort & monument has a historic tale to tell. There are select new destinations added that rejuvenates your desire to travel. Royal Journeys of the Deccan Odyssey includes GoaAgraBijapurSasan GirSawai MadhopurJaipur and many more.


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Journeys of Deccan Odyssey:

Cabins and Dining Cars

21 palatial wagons segmented by 11 passenger cars & 2 extravagant presidential suites sum up the accommodation part of this luxury train. There are 2 dining cars named traditionally called Peshava I & II that offer gourmet selections in its enthralling vicinity. The acclaimed Hotel Taj staff is the appointed catering staff onboard. Mumbai Hi!’ – the bar onboard is stocked with exquisite spirits, alcoholic as well as non- alcoholic beverages for a perfect chilling time.

The fitness freaks can indulge in health & fitness onboard during the pleasure trip including Ayurveda spas, steam bath, etc. The suite is also equipped with modern day fitness equipment too. A spacious Conference Car that provides consistent internet & contemporary facilities for the business people on conferences etc.


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Onboard Facilities that Enhance the Regal Journey

There is a ‘khidmatger’ – an attendant who would ensure that guests are made to feel most comfortable during the entire journey is present. The cabins are equipped with running hot & cold water in the washrooms, wall -to- wall carpeting, channel music, music players, intercom, etc.

There is a lounge where guest can unwind in each passenger car that also has a plasma TV for viewing. There is a beauty parlor so you can look or feel your best before a trip/ stepping on the dance floor. (conference car at day is a dance floor at night). A lot of care was taken for each individual coach to reflect the eras under different dynasty or reign. The carriages in which Maharajahs travelled also influence the lavish interiors of the eleven Deluxe Air Conditioned Cabins.  Check out the Photo Gallery of Deccan Odyssey Train and also know about the Deccan Odyssey train price.

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