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Deccan Odyssey

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Deccan Odyssey is a Blue Limo on the track with 21 coaches. Out of those, 11 are specifically assigned to guests and the rest are used for lounge, dining, spa, conference and staffs. This luxury train is developed with the inspiration of ancient luxury carriages used by the kings of yesteryear India.

The cabins of the train have sublime atmosphere with many interesting features like internet connectivity, air-conditioning and others. To make the trip more memorable, there are many amenities inside the train to enjoy when on-board like bar, conference room, spa, massage cabin and so on. Read the page to learn more about the coaches, facilities, menu and others.



Room Category Room Area Bathroom
Deluxe Cabin (95 sq. ft.) 9'-4'' (L) X 7'-7'' (W) 6'-9'' (L) X 3'-6'' (W)
Presidential Suite (205 sq. ft.) - -
Double Bedroom 10'-3'' (L) X 7'-7'' (W) 6'-9'' (L) X 3'-7'' (W)
Sitting Room 9'-0'' (L) X 7'-7'' (W) 6'-3'' (L) X 3'-6'' (W)
Passage 16'-6'' (L) X 7'-9'' (W) -


  • Whole train is wifi enabled
  • LCD televisions installed in all the cabins
  • Mobile phones fed with emergency contact numbers available in all cabins
  • Hair dryers in all bathrooms
  • Electronic safe in all cabins
  • Dedicated valet service for all coaches
  • Presidential Suite can accommodate 3 adults within the same cost.
  • Professional handling of all special requests
  • Full Train is wifi enabled
  • Two restaurants: Peshwa 1 & Peshwa 2
  • One Spa & Salon: Spa Plumeria
  • One well stocked Bar: Mumbai Hi
  • One conference cum recreation coach: Samvad
  • Dedicated valet service for each coach
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