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Deccan Odyssey

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Deccan Odyssey - General Information

Everything that you need to know about the decor, tour, service and style of travelling are answered below. This information will help you make an informed decision about various elements of your luxury train tour.

Sublime Cabin

Deccan Odyssey provides three different types of accommodation with varying luxury level and cost. The most exclusive one is the Presidential Suite. The train holds only one Presidential Suite, which has two bedrooms allowing four people to travel. The Deluxe cabin comes in two styles; with queen-size beds or with twin beds. Each compartment has electronic safe, attached toilet with toiletries, channel music, temperature control mechanism, entertainment system, telephone and much more.

Signature Dining

Exclusively for the guests of Deccan Odyssey, the train has two restaurants located at two farther corners of the train. Named as Peshwa I and Peshwa II, both the restaurants provide exact menu and food. The tourists are open to choose the one that is close to them and has vacant seats. One restaurant can hold 42 passenger at a given time.

The bar and lounge

Deccan Odyssey has a wide array of local and international brands of various types of liquor and wine. The bartender will help you enjoy a peaceful evening with booze and mild music. The lounge room has a panoramic window, board games, a few books and relaxing chairs to enjoy the scenic view while you relax with a cup of your favorite drink.

Authentic Spa of Deccan Odyssey

Run by experienced and certified masseurs, this health care spa center provides many exotic treatments and packages. The spa aims at providing rejuvenation and other health benefits for those who want to relax after a tiring excursion. You can find many secret massage styles of ancient Ayurveda.

Pre and post Deccan Odyssey accommodation

During your entire itinerary, our crew handles accommodation and meals. Post and pre accommodation, travel and other expenses have to be borne by the tourists. We advise you to book tickets in such a way that you are at least a day prior to the departure of the train. This helps you with relaxing after a long flight and avoids missing the train due to last minute mix-up. All itineraries of Deccan Odyssey starts and ends at modern and busy cities equipped with several hotels of varying luxury levels. You can choose the style of accommodation as you please. Once the tourists de-board the train at the end of the itinerary, they can choose between travelling to nearby airport for departure flight and staying back in the city to explore.

Flight availability

Every itinerary of Deccan Odyssey is crafted in such a manner that the train tours start and end in a city, which has an international airport, which serves numerous international destinations and almost all destinations in the country. We can guide you through the process of flight ticket procurement.


We expect you to carry your personal insurance papers when you board the train. Make sure that your insurance covers the events that take place on a foreign land, including injury, illness, loss of luggage and others. Deccan Odyssey has a coverage insurance that covers the train, crew and the passengers from any natural calamities or unseen catastrophes.

Travel Document

India’s tourist attractions are not limited to the destinations covered in just a week or so. If you choose to stay back in India and explore this vast paradise, you can seek us to get booking helps for train and flight travel. We provide many tour packages and other requirements for any of the destinations in our selective list. You are welcome to customize the tour packages to suit your needs and desires.

Attire code

There is no specific attire code in Deccan Odyssey. We do not imply you to wear the traditional dress of Indians. You are more than welcome to wear whatever you feel like within your cabin area. Inside the train, smart casuals are requested. We add many exclusive dining options in the itinerary and the tourists are expected to wear formals. If desired, you can choose to wear swimsuit during beach visits.

Baggage limit

Cabin has a limited space for storing your luggage. Make sure to stick to the international baggage standard of airlines. We prefer soft-topped luggage, as they can be easily stored.


We aim at providing the authentic cuisine of the land and international cuisines to suite the palate of the tourists. We are more than pleased to provide customized menu for your dietary expectations like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and others. If you have any specific food allergy or requirement, mention during the booking. Last minute requests cannot be fulfilled if resources cannot be arranged.


Deccan Odyssey provide porter service at free of cost during boarding and de-boarding of train. Your porter will help you carry your luggage to the desired location inside the railway station.

Butler at your service

Each compartment is assigned with a separate butler who will be at your service 24/7. Your butler will be versed in local language and in English

Disability services

Deccan Odyssey is one of the very few luxury trains in the country that provide special services for disabled passengers. For physically challenged tourists, the train provides special attenders, creches, wheel chairs and others. The requirements have to be mentioned during the booking process to keep all resources ready.


At every destination of the itinerary, the tourists are taken on a city tour or adventure activity. The excursion mainly covers sightseeing attractions. Thus, it is important to wear comfortable shoes and decent dress. Make sure not to shame the local culture or belief.


Deccan Odyssey provides a default English speaking guide for every excursion. If you wish to have a guide of your local language, you need to request for the same during the booking process.

Excursion transportation

Deccan Odyssey takes every step to impart luxury even during the off-train trip. The transportation is carried on in AC vehicles of varying luxury level depending the style of accommodation you choose in Deccan Odyssey. The transportation and sightseeing are included in the tariff.

Smoking policy

Deccan Odyssey has a strict no-smoking policy. Every part of the train is fitted with smoke detector and you are requested to avoid smoking during your train travel. If you have a strong urge to smoke, contact the train captain for the same. Indian law prohibits smoking in public places. Breaking this law can lead to consequences that have to be personally dealt.


Train provide a paramedic if you have any medical emergency. 24-hour paramedic service is available for all tourists. Do not expect Deccan Odyssey to provide all exclusive and general medicines. If you are consuming any lifesaving medication or if you are prone to certain infection, please carry enough medicines. If you are visiting from any third world nation with yellow fever epidemic, you ought to bring your vaccination certification to enter India. Bring mosquito repellent and other medications with you. Check with your doctor if you require any vaccination.


Pack light as you can find laundry services at specific destinations. Ask your butler to remind you when the laundry service is available. The laundry service is not included in the tariff.

Cellphone privileges

You can use your phone as you please inside your cabin. Within the train, you are expected to keep your phone in silent mode. All public areas of train restricts cellphone and laptop usage. You can use them within your cabin.

All cabins are equipped with telephone service, which has international service facilities. The cost of making a call is not included in the tariff.


It is Indian culture to express pleasure and happiness with money. Indians offer gratuities for every small service. Gratuities can be offered to staffs, escorts, guides, butlers and others. After all, it is up to you to choose to offer gratuities or not.


Every customer-contact crew member is versed in local language and English. You can request for any service 24/7 to any of the crewmembers.

Passenger number requirement

For Deccan Odyssey to run economically, a minimum passenger requirement is very essential. If the number of passengers enrolled for a certain itinerary is lesser than minimum passenger requirement, the itinerary will either be cancelled or re-scheduled. The details of the change of plans will be expressed via mail or other communication process. In case of cancellation, 100% refund will be provided.

Inclusion and Exclusion

The cost you pay to travel in Deccan Odyssey includes the cost of transportation, accommodation, dining, English guide, sightseeing fee, entrance fee, camera fee and porter charges. The ticket cost does not include any personal expenses during excursion, telephone bills, business facilities, beverages, liquor, spa service and laundry service.

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