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Deccan Odyssey

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Deccan Odyssey - Train Coaches

Deccan Odyssey train has 12 coaches that hold numerous amenities like personal safe, attached bathroom, comfortable bed, furniture, panoramic window, TV and much more. These elegant cabins provide the sublime environment that adds pampering to your journey. All the cabins are spacious and well decorated to recreate the ancient cabins of kings of the country. Each coach has a butler on-foot throughout the day to serve the tourists.

There are two types of cabins in the train. The presidential suite is the most luxurious suite of the train, which can hold four members. The deluxe cabin has only one room and can serve two people. There are two types of deluxe cabins based on the type of bedding. You can find deluxe cabins with queen-sized beds and twin beds.


Room Category Presidential suite Deluxe cabins
Cabin area 191 square feet 95 square feet
Cabin length 8.4 m 3.97m
Cabin width 2.3 m 2.3 m
Bed width 0.9 m .9 m
Bed length 2 m 2
Cabins per each car 2 4
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