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Packing Tips for your Deccan Odyssey Trip

Are you planning to explore India with Deccan Odyssey in the near future?

Well, congratulations on the best choice of luxury vacation. Internet is flooded with information about the train’s interior, exterior, restaurant, itinerary and much more. However, when it comes to preparing for the trip, there is not much of information for first-time travelers.

Are you about to pack for Deccan Odyssey trip? Here are a few pointers that would help you.

Comfortable shoes

Most of the excursions during the trip will be of adventurous genre, which include either long distance travelling on foot or long time standing in queue. Thus, it is understood that your five-inch top heels would do no good. If you were not able to keep up with the crowd, you would be missing out a lot during your trips. Thus, always have a pair of comfortable shoes with you. If possible, have one fancy kind for any exclusive dinner parties or events that takes place in any start hotels or inside the train.



You need not pack up to your neck for the whole trip. Laundry services are available at specific destinations. The laundry services are not included in the tariff. Thus, pack smartly. Also, learn about the climatic condition of India before you pack. Just because you are visiting India during winter, you need not pack fur coats and leather jackets. Winter in India is pleasantly cool and you might need a thick woolen sweater or jacket. The same goes for summer too. Summers are not just warm in India. They are scorching hot and you ought to stick with cotton dresses.

India is a cultural land and Deccan Odyssey covers a lot of heritage and cultural sites. You are not demanded to follow the traditional attire of the country. However, it is recommended to dress modestly, for both the genders. Avoid dresses that goes above your knees.

Games and accessories

You do not have to pack a lot of games or entertainment elements with you. The train is literally filled with interesting amenities like gym, spa, lounge room and much more. Are you a book lover? You can find interesting books in the lounge room. Do you love board games? The train has many classic board games.

Airline recommendation

Deccan Odyssey has a specific luggage platform inside each cabin where tourists can store their luggage. If you are a local tourist, you need not worry a lot about the weight and size of the luggage. However, keeping it smaller will be easier for you during the trip. If you are visiting from an international location, please stick to the airline regulations.

Expensive accessories

Yes, you would be visiting a few exclusive venues and enjoy a lavishing party inside the train. It is normal for tourists to carry one or two expensive jewelry to look fancy when needed. Deccan Odyssey also provides a small electronic safe inside the cabin for storing expensive and important items. However, it is recommended to stick to bare minimum when it comes to expensive items.

Food items

You need not stock food items for your toddlers in your bag. You can opt for special dietary request and the pantry will be always filled with snacks. Since you will be on outdoor excursion every day, you can buy things on the way, when possible. Do not stock your bag with flavored yogurts, biscuit and others. If needed, just carry a couple of things with you.


There is a paramedic available inside the train 24/7. Doctors are available on-call. In addition, simple medications and first-aid kits will be available inside the train. However, specific medicines, lifesaving medications and other important drugs might or might not be available when you require. Thus, it is very essential to pack all necessary medicines with you.

Apart from these tips for packing, remember to leave some empty space in your luggage or fill it with balls of paper. This space is for filling the souvenirs you buy during your excursion. Many itineraries specifically provide shopping tour or market tour for you to enjoy the culture of the land and to buy unique items. Thus, you ought to need some empty space in your luggage. For more details about the trip, fare, dates and other details, check out the official site of the train or talk to your travel agent.

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