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Journey of North India with Deccan Odyssey Train

Deccan Odyssey is a prestigious and an important luxury trains in the country. The train provides numerous itineraries covering various parts of the country, with unique destinations. Some of the destinations covered by this train cannot be enjoyed in any other luxury train tour of India.

Deccan Odyssey is one of the very few luxury trains that scale south, north and western part of the country. This article will throw light on the destinations in and around North India that are covered by Deccan Odyssey.

1. Delhi


Delhi is the capital of the country and an important tourist destination of North India. Although Deccan Odyssey does not span Delhi as a destination, Delhi is an important part of numerous itineraries of Deccan Odyssey.

Delhi is the starting point or the ending point of most of the itineraries. This is because Delhi has a busy international airport that connects Delhi with numerous international destinations and all domestic airports.

Moreover, reaching Delhi via road or rail is easier due to availability of numerous options. If desired, you can visit Delhi, a day prior to the tour or stay back in the city for a day longer after the Deccan Odyssey trip to enjoy sightseeing and the cuisine of the land.


2. Agra

This is the marble paradise of the land. Once the beautiful capital of Mughal Empire, today it stands as an iconic destination, located a little away from Delhi. Almost all itineraries that focus on northern India covers Agra. Agra is the icon of tourist attractions in India.

Agra holds one of the World Wonders, Taj Mahal. Although an important reason, it is not the only reason for Agra to be the perfect place for vacation. The city is filled with iconic monuments like Agra Fort, ItmadUdDaulah, Mughal gardens and others. Moreover, this is also one of the best places to enjoy shopping. Explore the markets and buy silver articles, marble articles, miniature Taj Mahal, carpets, rugs, wood works, and accessories and so on.

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3. Sawai Madhopur – Ranthambore National Park


This is the iconic attraction when it comes to wildlife and outdoor activities. Sawai Madhopur is the gateway to Ranthambore national park. Deccan Odyssey usually chooses early morning safari through the national park. This is due to the reason that it is the best time to spot a lot of mammals and birds. Top animals to spot here are antelope, leopard, tiger, deer and others.

If you are visiting in winter season, you might spot a few migration birds too. Remember that being on a safari does not guarantee you to spot any big mammals but you would be enjoying a lush time amidst the thick vegetation. Do not forget your camera, as every second would be worthy of million clicks.

The beauty does not end with the forest region. The villages around the reserve region are famous for traditional culture, unique lifestyle and so on. You can take up walking tours through the surrounding villages too. For refreshment, there is a hotel inside the forest area.


4. Jaipur


Jaipur is the face of Rajasthan. Any one who thinks Rajasthan is just sands and camels would be astonished by the wealth and beauty of this region. The main attraction of this region is sightseeing and Deccan Odyssey makes the best out of it. The tour covers all the important tourist destinations like Amer fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar and much more. The place is completely riddled with architectural beauty and historic monuments.

There are luxury hotels that provide spa services and other luxury entertainments too. Jaipur is an important destination in Rajasthan for shopping. You can find several markets, which are famous for souvenir shopping.

Top things to buy in Jaipur are local attire, sandals, camel skin articles, handlooms, handicrafts, home décor items, spices and much more. Even if you do not like shopping, visit these markets to cherish the local culture and lifestyle.

If you love photography, markets are the most colorful places that you can find in Jaipur. Most of the historic monuments are turned into hotels and restaurants, which are famous for luxurious accommodation and dining.

5. Udaipur


Although not the capital of the state, this is the place of worthy awe-factors. The place has serious connection with its lakes. Did you know that the kings of the past visited Udaipur during monsoon and winter season for romantic stay? This is one of the reasons to why the place has numerous forts and palaces. You ought to enjoy an exclusive sightseeing tour that covers forts, palaces, lakes, monuments, temples and much more.

It is impossible to scale all the attractions of Udaipur in one day. Deccan Odyssey matches up by choosing the best attractions among the lot and provide you in an organized manner.The best of all is Lake Pichola, which is famous for sunset ferry ride to Jag Mandir and other destinations.

The place is filled with heritage sites and you can enjoy a heritage walk to spot all unique structures that make up the history of the city. Enjoying meal in the luxury palaces or resorts is a romantic activity that every tourist ought to enjoy in this city.

Udaipur is also an important destination to enjoy the culture of the land. You can search for theaters or centers where traditional art forms are performed or, you can enjoy live cultural performances as you dine in any luxury hotels like Jag Mandir hotel, Taj Lake palace. These art forms are colorful, cheerful and they would leave you in awe-state, throughout the night. Rajasthan has a unique culture and you would find the art forms, both exhilarating and memorable.

These are not the only destinations that are covered by Deccan Odyssey and at the same time, not all itineraries cover all these destinations.

Read the list of itineraries and choose the one that would fit your imagination of a vacation. Each destination is handpicked to create a better experience and a long-lasting vibe by including both commercial and traditional styled activities, during every day.

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