Experience your Journey to Badami with Deccan Odyssey Train

Badami is also known as Vatapi in the district of Bagalkot, Karnataka. Once Badami was the capital of Badami Chalukyas from 540 to 757 AD.

Badami is famous for cave temples and its architecture. Badami cave temples are surrounded by the Agastya river. It has been selected as the heritage city for HRIDAY scheme of Government India.

There are many places to be visited in Badami like cave temples, Badami museum etc. It is the best example to experience the rule of Badami Chalukyas.

Deccan Odyssey Train is one of the luxurious trains in India. It comprises 21 luxurious coaches among these 21 coaches, 11 coaches are permitted to guests. The remaining coaches are used for dining, lounge, conference car etc. This train follows the architectural style of Maharashtra royal eras.

All cabins in Deccan Odyssey are equipped with all facilities like WiFi internet, air-conditioning, restaurant, spa center etc. This train covers totally six tourist itineraries all over India. To enjoy the tourist place of Badami through Deccan Odyssey means we have to choose the Jewels of Deccan itinerary to reach Badami.

Journey to Badami

By booking in Deccan Odyssey Train we can start our journey to Badami through different places by Deccan Odyssey. The train moves from Mumbai Chattrapathi Shivaji Terminus and passes through Bijapur and it reaches Aihole-Pattadakal by the day 3. In the part of day 3 in Aihole and Pattadakal, we can enjoy the sightseeing of Badami.

By the day 3, the train reaches to Aihole-Pattadakal. After lunch on the board, you will be moved to Guledgudda after that you can reach the Badami. There you can have best sight view of Badami and it is a place for Hinduism heritage and culture. Badami is famous for the rock-cut temples, sculptures, Badami museum, and fort etc.

After reaching Badami, these are the things and attractions that can be enjoyed in Badami.

Attractions and Activities of Badami

Famous attractions in Badami are the cave temples, Golden age architecture, Badami museum, Badami Fort etc. Mostly Badami was famous for the set of four cave temples. Among them three temples are dedicated to Hindu deities and remaining one is dedicated to Jainism. All these four temples are connected by flights of stairs. These four temples are carved out from the Redstone caves in Badami.

The Four Cave Temples

Deccan Odyssey

In Badami, the four cave temples are famous and popular to visit Badami. The first cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Nataraja. In this temple, you can see 80 different forms of Nataraja which are carved in this Redstone cave temple. The second cave temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the form of Trivikrama. In this temple, you can see the different carvings from Puranas and the carving of Vishnu on Garuda etc.

The third cave temple is also dedicated to Lord Vishnu. You have to reach this temple by 60 staircases from the second temple. This temple is famous for the carvings of many forms of Vishnu like Trivikrama, Vamana, and the man-lion Narasimha. The most attractive carving in this temple is the statue of Vishnu sitting on serpent Adisesha. And the paintings on the walls depict the marriage of Shiva and Parvati are beautiful in this temple.

The last fourth rock-cut temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira, in a seated posture. Mahavira is the founder of Jainism and it was built after the three carved temples. The most attractive carving in this temple is the Tirthankara Parshavnatha Carving with a snake at the feet. These four cave temples are the attractions of the Badami.

Badami Museum

Badami Museum is an archaeological museum which is home to the artifacts and the cultures of Badami Civilization. This museum consists four galleries, among them two are open aired and this museum is a place for the Pre-historical sculptures and stone equipment etc.

This museum consists different sculptures, inscriptions, hero stones etc from the date of the 6th century to 16th century. The attractions of the museum are Lajja-Gouri, Makara Torana carved on both sides, animal figurines like lion, elephants etc. Timings of this museum are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and the fee is 5 Rs per head.

The Bhootnath Temple

The Bhootnath Temple is also one of the famous temples in Badami which is dated on 5th century AD. The Bhootnath temple is the perfect example of the rich civilization in this region. It is complex of many structures, shrines and two main temples inside the Bhootnath Temple. The Bhootnath Temple is one of the best temples in Badami to view the evolution of architectural styles.

Badami Fort

Badami Fort is opposite to the famous cave temples and it is one of the famous landmarks in Badami. This fort features many sculptures, temple carvings, a large granary, and an underground chamber. One of the important spots here is the oldest temple of Shiva-Malegitti Shiva and the route to the fort is so beautiful and admiring.

One of the major attractions in this fort is Upper Shivalaya built by Chalukya ruler Pulakesan II. It features famous sculptures and mythological tales on the walls of the temple. The lion and elephant heads above the temple stairs are one of the highlighting points in this temple, and the 16th-century canon is also one of the major attraction here.

Festivals of Badami

As we know Badami is a center of Hindu worship with huge four cave temples. So it is essential to enjoy the festivals and fairs of Badami. The most important festival here is at the Banashankari which held in the months of winter season. Some other important festivals here are Mallikarjuna and Virupaksha temple festivals.

The best way to explore the Badami is through the foot or by the ride of a rickshaw. By rickshaw or on foot you will never miss any part in Badami. The best time to see the caves and surroundings of Badami is during morning and evening.

These are the attractions and activities to do in Badami when you came to visit through Deccan Odyssey train.

Reasons to visit Badami by Deccan Odyssey Train

The journey starts from the Mumbai and it covers different places like Bijapur, Aihole, Hampi etc to the last Ajanta caves. The total journey will be covered in 7 nights and 8 days. Journey in Deccan Odyssey is so luxurious and pleasant to enjoy the journey without bore feeling. The Deccan Odyssey train provides all facilities to enjoy the journey up to our destination.

There will be a multi-restaurant inside the train to have the delicious food, WiFi internet, attached private bathrooms etc. For the recreational side, the board holds the spa and bar. There will be no tired or bore feeling while traveling in Deccan Odyssey train.

How to book your tour on Deccan Odyssey

  • In Deccan Odyssey train cabins will be booked.
  • There are two types of cabins and they are Deluxe Cabin and a Presidential suite.
  • All costs are in USD, Euro, GBP, or INR as per your selection.
  • 20% of the ticket cost will be paid during booking.
  • 80% of the ticket cost will be paid before 45 days of departure date.
  • No cancellation before 60 days to the departure date.

How to Reach Badami


By rail means you have to reach Badami through Badami railway station near to town center within 5kms. The near cities to Badami through railway lines are Bangalore and Bijapur. By this way, you can reach Badami through the rail. Either you can choose the luxury train like Deccan Odyssey which is the Asia’s leading luxury train.


By road means you have to travel through Bangalore which is 450 kms away to Badami via the NH 48 and NH 50. You can reach by regular buses traveling in between Badami and other cities like Bangalore, Gadag, Hospet, and Bijapur.


By Air means you can reach Badami through the closest airport to Badami is Hubli airport. This airport is 84 kms away. Another airport close to Badami is the Sambre airport in Belgaum within a distance of 123 kms.

These are the ways to reach the Badami through air, road, and rail.

Best time to Visit Badami

The best time to visit Badami is in between October to April. During these times the environment and the weather are so pleasant to enjoy the trip.

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