Why Goa is Famous as India’s Most Popular Tourist Destination?

Goa is a coastal region located in the western part of India famous as most popular tourist destination. Bounded by Arabian Sea on one side and land on the other sides, this region boasts 30 and more beaches. It is the smallest region of the country and fourth smallest region in terms of population. Ruled by Portuguese in the past, this region is famous for fusion of European and Indian culture and beauty. The Western Ghats running through the region makes it lush for wildlife and flora too.

Goa is one of the most important tourist spots in the country because of its beauty and culture. If you love beach and adventure activities, this is the best place to enjoy.

Activities to enjoy in Goa

The main activity to enjoy in Goa is water sports. Top beaches to visit are


1. Arambol – Paragliding, markets, yoga classes, parties and others

2. Agonda – Fishing, boating, picnicking, spa, bike ride on beach, church and others

3. Anjuna – Wednesday flea market, nightlife, beach parties and others

4. Calangute – Jet skiing, sun bathing and other beach activities

5. Candolim – Sunbathing, shopping and others

6. Colva – Relaxed picnicking, beach strolling and others

7. Dona Paula – Water scooter, motorboat, water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, sport fishing, yachting, kayaking and other water sports

8. Palolem – Strolling, picnic, boat ride, dolphin spotting, kayaking, scuba diving and others.

If you are looking for pilgrimage activities, you can find numerous churches in the Old Goa region like,

  • Bom Jesus Basilica
  • Saint Joseph Vaz sanctuary
  • Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
  • Mater Dei Church

The Velhas Conquistas region of Goa is famous for architectural beauty of yesteryear. You can also find many forts like Tiracol, Corjuem, Aguada, Mormugao and others in this region.There are a few museums in the city like Goa State Museum, Naval Aviation museum, Goa Science Center and others.

Are you looking for enjoying some wildlife?

You ought to visit Bondla Wildlife sanctuary. Other sanctuaries to visit are Cotigao wildlife sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary, DudhSagar waterfall and others.

Top Reasons why Goa is so famous –

Reason 1

Name a water sport and you can find it here. All forms of water and beach activities are best enjoyed in Goa.

Reason 2

With casino, water sports and extensive nightlife, this is the Las Vegas for India. It is one of the important places for bachelor vacations in the country.

activities in goa

Reason 3 

You can enjoy a fusion of culture here.

Reason 4

This is not about getting wasted and enjoying adrenaline rushing activities. Goa is a prime center for art and culture. You can find art forms at Goa Chitra Museum, art galleries and others.

Reason 5

The cuisine of the land is noteworthy as the seafood is fresh and they have a combination of style of Portuguese and spice palate of India.

activities in goa

Reason 6

Spice and exotic condiments are common here. Strolling through spice plantation and buying fresh and dried spices are very common among tourists. You ought to taste the cashew wine and coconut feni of this region.

Reason 7

You ought to enjoy the dance and music of this region. There are a lot of theatres to catch a show.

Reason 8

The place is packed with markets that are overflowing with traditional artifacts, handicrafts, textiles and others. This is the best place to buy souvenirs.

Reason 9

If you are visiting during carnival, Goa is a place for merry making, dance, music, booze and fun.

activities in goa

What is the best time to visit Goa ?

The region is at prime beauty throughout the year. Summer starts in March and ends in June. This is the time for land and water activities. You can enjoy beach activities during this region. Beach seems to be crowded always during this season. The winter is the prime time for enjoying lush vegetation, exotic activities like hot air ballooning, spice plantation visit and others. This is also the time of many carnivals and festivals. Winter starts in October and ends in March.

June to September is the rainy season of this region. Goa receives moderate rain, which hinders adventure activities. All beach activities will be closed during heavy rains. Even boating will be halted during rough water. However, the aesthetic beauty of the region remains the same even during monsoon season. The peak tourism season is the winter season.

How to reach Goa?

Goa has an airport in Dabolim. The nearest international airport is located in Mumbai. There are frequent flights to and from Mumbai. You can also find frequent flights from various parts of the country like Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Calicut, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad and others. From the airport, you can find pre-paid taxis and other transportation to reach desired part of Goa.

Kadamba Transportation Corporation covers bus transportation to and from Goa. You can find overnight buses from numerous destinations like Mumbai, Bangalore and others. During festival and carnival times, the demand for buses is very high. If you are looking for over-the-counter bus ticket purchase, visit Panjim.

Trains connect Goa with numerous cities around the country. There are two stations in Goa; Madgaon of Southern Goa and Thivim of Northern Goa. Madgaon is the most preferred destination by many.

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You can find cab services from surrounding regions to Goa. Ferry and cruise service to Goa from other ports are currently discontinued.

Where to stay in Goa?

Goa is the place that can be enjoyed in shoestring budget and in the most luxurious way. You can find shacks and huts with attached bathroom bear the beaches. However, these shacks will be closed during monsoon season. There are numerous budget hotels too. If you are looking for beach house, you can find authentic Goa style villas and beach houses along numerous beaches.  You can find dorms, service apartments, boutique hotels, beach resorts and much more.

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