Top Tourist Activities to Enjoy In Sasan Gir National Park

Sasan Gir National Park or Sasan Gir is a wildlife sanctuary located in Gujarat. The park is famous for its collection of Asiatic lions. In the early 19th century, the park was used by the Indian rulers for hunting. By the end of the century, only a dozen lions were left alive. Later, the area was turned into a protected region with the help of Nawab of Gujarat.

Today, there are more than 500 lions in this region. There are four reservoirs inside the park, which allows 400 plant species and more than 2300 animal species live in this region. People visit the national park to enjoy many activities.

Here are the top things to do in Sasan Gir National Park during your next trip.

1. Jungle Safari

Sasan Gir National Park

Lions live deep in the forest. The best way to spot a couple of lions is the jeep jungle safari. The Gir Interpretation Zone is the main area to find a lot of lions.

Lion safari takes place two times a day; once in the morning from 8 to 11 and once in the evening from 3 to 5. A jeep can take only 6 people on the ride, at once. Thus, it is first-come, first-serve basis.

If you are on a budget trip, you can choose bus safari too. However, bus safari does not take you as deep into the forest as the jeep safari.

2. Shopping

There is a small conventional souvenir shop in the park region. You can find all tribal handicrafts, unique products of Gujarat and traditional items. The shops are located very close to the exit gate and the entry gate of the park.

After enjoying wildlife attractions, take a tour through these shops to buy some interesting items. Remember to haggle, as most of the shopkeepers tend to hike up the price several times when they see a tourist or a foreigner.

3. Birdwatching

Sasan Gir National Park

The park is not just about lions. There are numerous bird species to spot in the park. If interested in avi-fauna, visit the park during the migration season, which starts in December and edns in January.

You can find many unique birds like Pygmy woodpecker, woodpecker’s flamingo, Bonneli eagle and many others. Early morning game drive is the best activity to spot many birds.

4. Village trip

Sasan National Park

Devalia village or Devalia Park is located in the Interpretation Zone. The park is a fenced living region, which is just 4 square km in area. This region is filled with lion. This region is maintained to make sure that the visitors get to spot at least a few lions during the safari. You can find 20-30 lions with cubs in this region. All bus and jeep safari includes a trip through this village region.

5. Crocodile Breeding Center

Sasan Gir national Park

This is a small region inside the park, where you can spot many crocodiles. Do not go close to the water region. If you see a log or piece of wood floating on the water, it is most probably a crocodile.

You can find many baby crocodiles in this region. The authorities maintain this region to allow crocodiles to breed in their natural habitat. In addition, the crocodiles are returned back to the sanctuary after breeding.

6. Photography

If you are visiting the park, you should never forget your camera. There are a lot of animals and interesting spots to click pictures here. Even during jeep safari, your driver will deliberately spot at important spots for you to click pictures. Do not get down from the jeep without your driver’s permission.

Summer season is the best time for photography. The grasses would be short allowing long range of vision. Moreover, the summer pulls all the animals to the reservoirs for quenching thirst. Thus, you can spot a lot of animals during summer.

7. Spotting Snakes

Sasan Gir National Park

Visit the Kamleshwar dam to spot many snakes and amphibians. Do not get out of the vehicle in search of the reptiles. Most of the reptiles here including the snakes can be poisonous and dangerous.

Apart from these, you can spot many interesting plants, lush dams and reservoirs, herbivorous with their little ones and so on in Sasan Gir National Park. All the above stated activities are not open to public throughout the year.

The park is closed during rainy season from July to October. This is the breeding season of the park and, the marshy land makes it difficult for safari and other activities.

Choose winter season to enjoy almost all the activities in the region. If an activity is banned for any particular reason, do not try to do it beyond authorities’ order. You are venturing into a park with more than 500 lions and other unique carnivorous animals. Thus, always obey your guide’s order.

There are numerous ways to reach the national park. The best way to enjoy the national park is by taking the Hidden Treasures of Gujarat itinerary of Deccan Odyssey.

This is the only luxury train that covers the destinations of Sasan Gir National Park. The train itinerary covers almost all the activities mentioned above.

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