Enjoy a Luxurious Journey from Mumbai to Goa by Tejas Express

Tejas Express Train is the first semi-high speed train introduced in India. The train holds almost all top amenities of luxury trains. This train’s speed is compared with that of Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express, Rajdhani Express and other. Tejas Express Train started its maiden run in 2017. It runs from Mumbai CST to Karmali of Goa. It covers 551.7 km distance in just eight and a half hour, at an average speed of 130 km per hour.

About the Tejas Express

Tejas Express
Tejas Express

Manufactured in Kapurthala, this train is provided with top-notch amenities and facilities like hand dryers, braille display, tap sensor, bio-vacuum toilets, LED TV, phone sockets, chef menu, wi-fi, coffee machine, CCTV camera, smoke detector, snack table, magazine, water level indicator and others. To accommodate these advancements, the price of the ticket is placed at 20-30 percentage more than the former semi-high speed trains.

The train holds 14 non-executive cars, which can hold at most 72 passengers. The two executive chair cars hold 56 passengers. Each car has two toilets attached to it.

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Service & Facilities 

The train runs in one route as of now. Tejas Express was initiated to be a project of three routes, in the future. It starts at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus of Mumbai and reaches Karmali of Goa, and vice-versa. The train operates for five days a week. During the rainy season, the train runs only three times, a week. The train runs only from Monday to Thursday. Top stations included in the itinerary other than the starting and ending destinations are

  1. Dadar
  2. Thane
  3. Panvel Junction
  4. Chiplun
  5. Ratnagiri
  6. Kudal

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Deccan Odyssey Information


The cost of executive class is INR 2.680 with food and INR 2,525 without food. Cost of AC chair car is INR 1,280 with food and INR 1,155 without food. If a passenger did not register for food service and expect to buy meals on-board, an additional charge of INR 50 will be collected along with the charge of the food. The cost of the tickets is subjected to change.

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The train starts at Mumbai at 5 in the morning. It reaches

  1. Dadar – 05:08 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  2. Thane–05:33 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  3. Panvel Junction – 06:13 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  4. Chiplun – 09:18 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  5. Ratnagiri – 10:50 – stops for five minutes at the platform
  6. Kudal – 13:18 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  7. Karmali – 15:15

The return journey starts at Karmali at 14:30. It reaches

  1. Kudal – 15:28 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  2. Ratnagiri – 17:25 – stops for five minutes at the platform
  3. Panvel junction – 21:33 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  4. Thane – 22:17 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  5. Dadari – 22:38 – stops for two minutes at the platform
  6. Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus – 23:00

Booking tickets

The tickets can be booked online or via the counters at the railway station. The cost, route and timing of the train is subjected to change and thus, check with the details provided in the page or in the tickets. It is very essential to pre-book your tickets as soon as possible. The demand for this train route is very high, especially during Mondays. If you are looking for help in buying tickets, you can get in touch with any travel agents.

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