Indian Odyssey Journey : 5 Attractions that You Can’t Miss

Are you looking for a classic experience in enjoying a luxury tour in India? A luxury train alone cannot guarantee you, ‘the classic feel’. You ought to choose the right itinerary that covers the historic element of the country, exotic culture of the land and interesting activities. Discovering India in a luxurious style is not simple. Each destination should be chosen to provide all the above stated elements. One such itinerary belongs to Deccan Odyssey train. The Indian Odyssey itinerary is held at high status among those who wish to enjoy a classic Indian vacation.

Indian Odyssey itinerary spans for seven nights and eight days. The destination starts in New Delhi and ends in Mumbai. The itinerary covers important destinations like Ranthambore, Agra, Udaipur, Ellora caves, Jaipur and Vadodara.

Below are the top destinations that bring the value of luxury and ecstasy to the itinerary. Although not an exclusive list of destinations of Indian Odyssey, these places form the axis of the itinerary.

1. Aurangabad

Indian Odyssey

Aurangabad’s luxury lies in the historic cave temples that were built in the ancient times. These caves were built by Buddhist monks who stayed inside the cave during rainy seasons. The massive monuments inside the cave are masterpieces made up simple carving tools. Tourists get to enjoy a similar set of cave temples, Ajanta Caves. You can spot wall paintings and sculptures that are numerous centuries older.

2. Udaipur

journey of Indian Odyssey

Udaipur is a picture-perfect spot that is famous for its architectural beauty, lakes, scenic climate and shopping experience. You ought to visit Lake Palace in the middle of Lake Pichola. Sunset boating on the lake and romantic dinner in the palace in the middle of the lake is the most important honeymoon activity of those who visit Udaipur. Apart from this, there are numerous other forts, palaces and architectural marvels that you ought to visit in this city.  Explore the Unique Luxury Hotel in The World – Taj Lake Palace Udaipur.


3. Ranthambore National Park

Journey of Indian Odyssey

Ranthambore holds one of the important national parks of the country. Tourists will be taken on a safari, early in the morning. This is the right time to spot animals and birds. Apart from tigers, you can spot many animals like elephants, bears, deers, leopard, hyena and many others. An experienced guide will be assigned for each vehicle. The guides help you to choose the right path, spot a lot of animals and at the same time, feel and be safe throughout the journey. After safari, tourists will be taken to the luxury camps inside the park for refreshment. Ranthambore National Park is not the only attraction in Sawai Madhopur. You can find many villages around the park, which are best visited by those who love to enjoy exotic cultures of the land.

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4. Jaipur

Journey of Indian Odyssey

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Jaipur is the paradise for sightseeing. The iconic sightseeing spot of Jaipur is the Amer Fort. Tourists are welcome to explore the massive fort and enjoy the numerous collections inside the fort. After lunch, tourists will be taken to the remaining sightseeing spots and to the markets to enjoy souvenir shopping or to become one among the locals and enjoy the culture.

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5. Agra

Journey of Indian Odyssey

Of course, tourists will be taken to the famous Taj Mahal. That is not the end of Agra trip. Numerous other sightseeing spots are also covered. Apart from these, tourists enjoy a road trip to the Ghost Town of Fatehpur Sikri. This ancient city is located a little away from Agra. Although named as Ghost Town, this place has no connection with paranormal activities. It is an abandoned city filled with exceptional architectural marvels. Lack of freshwater made the locals and rulers to flee the place. You can also read the Agra Travel Guide for more information.

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